If you are looking for something to do with Japanese culture or language, this is the place to come. We have a large range of resources including books, DVDs, JLPT resources and audio materials.


We are also very proud to share with you the Manzai Resources of the fantastic Hyogo Boys, Ryuji Nakagawa and Masato Hayakawa.  Please click on the links below to access their manzai scripts and youtube links.  The Hyogo Boys generously share their resources with you and encourage you to use them in the classroom.

Manzai Sample Teaching Plan

Script – Where are you from?     Video – Where are you from?

Script – Weather Forecast      Video – Weather Forecast

Script – Say before Eating      Video – Say Before Eating

Script – Keeping a Diary      Video – Keeping a Diary

Script – Hobbies     Video – Hobbies

Script – Gifts from Australia      Video – Gifts from Australia

Script – Favourite Food     Video – Favourite Food

Script – Directions     Video – Directions

Script – Cultural Differences      Video – Cultural Differences

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