Japanese Tatami Room

Hyogo Cultural Centre’s main attraction is the Japanese room with tatami mats and shoji screens. This room is utilised to display seasonal items or carry out various Japanese traditional performances such as Tea ceremony, Koto, and Japanese dance….


Hyogo Cultural Centre proudly maintains the largest resource library of Japanese language and cultural materials in Western Australia. We have a wealth of books, DVDs, CD Rom and audio materials. The general public is welcome to access the resources within the Centre while Members are able to borrow the items.
Please view the Resources page to search for materials of interest to you.

Seminar Room

Our seminar room can accommodate up to 40 people seated classroom-style with tables and chairs. You can use this room to study with the assistance of our large range of self-study materials. We also use this room for exhibitions, seminars, films, and workshops…it is a very versatile space.


We are well equipped to hold seminars, classes, mini concerts, exhibitions etc. There are Japanese cultural items (calligraphy, tea ceremony, ikebana….), media equipment (TV, VCR, DVD, Data projector, OHP…) and some display panels.

Using this Facility

Should you wish to hold a Japan related event at our centre, please feel free to discuss the possibility and further details with us.

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