The Symbols of Hyogo


Prefectural Flag

The Chinese character “Hyo” of “Hyogo” stands out as white waves against a bright blue background, representing the surrounding seas and freshness. The design symbolises the vitality of Hyogo Prefecture itself, which faces the sea in both the north and the south.


Prefectural Flower: Nojigiku

Nojigiku is a wild chrysanthemum growing in the Harima District on the shores of the Seto Inland Sea. Every November it blooms with perfectly formed white flowers about 3 cm across. Hyogo Prefecture is believed to be the northernmost limit where this flower grows in the wild


Prefectural Tree: Kusu-no-ki

The camphor tree, or Kusu-no-ki, is found throughout Hyogo Prefecture. This evergreen looks its best in early spring. It grows fairly fast and reaches some 20 metres in height. Resistant to the vagaries of the elements, its form is full of vigor and vitality and well embodies the image of Hyogo Prefecture.


Prefectural Bird: The Stork

The stork is a large bird with a body more than one metre long and a wingspan of some two metres. It was designated by Japan as a specially protected animal in 1956. More than 50 storks have been raised in Tooyoka and other areas in Japan.

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