International Exchange Efforts

Hyogo Prefecture’s International Exchange Efforts

Hyogo Prefecture has been promoting international exchange and cooperation activities with a number of regions and nations around the world, and is also aggressively tackling environmental issues as a member of the International community.

International Cooperation

The Prefecture invites engineers from Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, such as Guandong Province, Hainan Province, and the State of Paran√°, and provides necessary technical training. Hyogo also provides engineers in East Asian nations with instruction on the monitoring of acid rain and technology to help reduce it.

The Prefecture is conducting technological exchange in the fields of environmental protection, river management, and agriculture, in partnership with Guandong Province, and is steadily making progress by dispatching experts and inviting engineers.

Forwarding of Information by Overseas Offices

Hyogo has offices in Western Australia, Washington State, Paris, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Through these offices, the Prefecture carries out diversified exchange and cooperation activities in such fields as culture, the economy and the environment.

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